PFI PY05-40 Pleated Polyester Cartridge Filter


PFI PY05-40 Pleated Polyester Cartridge Filter

Kami adalah importir distributor agen dan supplier terlengkap menyediakan PFI PY05-40 Pleated Polyester Cartridge Filter untuk keperluan industri dengan price harga terbaik

Polyester Pleated, Nominal Rating 95% efficiency

Length 40 inch

Micron size 5 µ

Outside Diameter 68 mm


Typical Applications

Water purification & processing


Food & beverage


Electronics & Semiconductor

RO Membrane prefiltration.

Air & Gas filtration


Operating Conditions

Max operating temperature 60C (140F) at 10 Psi.

Max limit temperature 70C (160F)

Max pressure ΔP 60 Psi

Max change out ΔP 35 Psi

Recommended change out ΔP 15 Psi


Berikut yang tersedia di kami :

Filter Cartridge

RO Membrane

Housing Bag dan Cartridge Filter

UV / Ultraviolet

Sand Filter – Carbon Filter

Dan masih banyak yang kami sediakan untuk keperluan industri dan project


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